Fancy Celtic Jewelry : enamels on copper of artisanal manufacture

The Armorican and Celtic designs associated with the work of metals and that of enamels in the pure tradition of the Arts of Fire, bring to these jewels, by the magic of the high temperature of the volcano (1000 ° C), the brightness, the transparency depth, with luminous patterns and crystalline and unalterable colors. Gentle to wear on the skin, it takes care of the body heat and merges with you. It becomes, then, yours in Rings, callout_black.gif ring-spiral-bleu-water celtic-ring-with-red-triskel-on-rose-background ring-dolphin-sunset-round Celtic rings and Armorican rings
adaptable sizes in crystal fused with copper or silver. Round, oval, in hearts, cats, embellished with motifs, these original rings will brighten your hands with their bright colors.
in Bracelets, callout_black.gif bracelet-with-owls-at-sunset bracelet-of-owls-at-the-green-ray-for-child bracelet-ovale-with-cat-at-the-round-back-watching-comet.jpg Fancy bracelets
enamel on copper with animal, celtic, marine and symbolic patterns of different colors handmade before going to the oven to obtain all the brilliance of the crystal.
in Earings, callout_black.gif earing-twinkle-of-an-eye-3-pieces bleue-wave-camaido-earings robe-imprimee.jpg Ear jewelery, for pierced ears,
enamel on copper. The manufacture is manual and allows very different styles like Armoricain articulated models or openworked.
in Brooches, callout_black.gif brooch-oval-with-cat-at-starry-sky brooch-ermine-with-triskel-on-algaes brooch-oval-with-wader-marsh enamel brooch on copper
handcrafted with cats, scrolls, triskels and others.At your jacket lapels, the touch of charming color.
in Pendants, callout_black.gif pendant-whale-mom. pendant-round-hunched-cat-under-stars pendant-heart-bamboo-front-sun Enamel pendant on copper
handcrafted patterns, shapes and colors, on the skin, this little kingdom of fire radiates for you and loved ones.
or Accessories callout_black.gif accessories cowboy-tie-embellished-with-a-hot-enameled-triskel cowboy-tie-embellished-with-a-hot-enameled-triskel Superbe accessories
Scarf clip, cowboy bolo tie, pill box, enamelled on copper of brilliant colors, handmade.
it will be able to agree in all circumstances to your elegance, to be discreet or ostentatious, according to your desire of the moment.
Since 1959,craftsman of creative art callout_black.gif the celtyshop with the service
of well made and well being, our enamels on copper or on silver are gifts of excellence, rare and unique.
with the service of well made and well being, our enamels on copper or on silver are gifts of excellence, rare and unique.
triskel callout_black.gif my-store-logo-1517153902.jpg Le Triskell
Le Triskell est un symbole celtique à trois branches. Il y a plusieurs interpretations de ce symbole. La première, la plus courrante, est que les trois branches representent l'Eau, la Terre et le Feu. Mais d'autre disent qu'il s'agit du Ciel, de la Terre et de l'Eau.
For the curious, The history of enamel, the Celtic bestiary, notion of paradox, the different techniques of the enameller, the craft techniques, simple definition of alchemy. Borders and elemental interlacing panels, rapid explanation of the arts of fire, the legend of Arvorig.