les differentes techniques de l emailleur

The Artisan Techniques


Email cloisonné

Traditional enameling technique in which the patterns are circumscribed in thin vertical partitions of gold, silver, copper brass retaining the vitrified material used as a contour to the drawing.

Email champlevé

This technique requires the use of a thick copper sheet and concists digging cavities in which will be deposited enamels. Enamel painted on a plate covered with enamel, the enameller draws a pattern and then cooks it and adds as many colors or patterns as he wishes to the desired result; to each color or color group added a 900 ° cooking takes place.


This is a painted enamel that uses only two colors, black and white.

Low-size email

It is a question of guillocher, to obtain various degrees of relief in the metal (thick copper), and to deposit enamels which, after cooking will marry the reliefs of the metal and will take the different luminous intensities. Plique-a-day email.

Email de plique-a-jour

enamels evoke stained-glass windows of small dimensions thanks to the use of transparent colors which fill spaces free of materials and which let the light pass.

Embossed email

He contrives to work the metal (copper) by hammering it and baking it to make it malleable and able to "sculpt" it and then work the piece in the manner of a painted enamel.